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Precautions for Waterproof zipper

1, waterproof effect, the size of the raphe directly related waterproof zipper waterproof effect, too big is obviously not to waterproof effect, lost the waterproof zipper itself meaning.

2, waterproof zipper foil does not tear. Whether in the case of low temperature or repeated washing, waterproof membrane is not easy to fall off or tear, so as to ensure a lasting waterproof effect.

3, color waterproof zipper color to small, zipper cloth with the color and fabric difference is the color difference, the film surface color and cloth with the surface colors, color control within 5%.

4, the service life, waterproof zipper laminating Adhesive film quality, directly related to waterproof zipper service life.

5, waterproof zipper film surface smooth, exquisite, have similar leather smooth feeling, this is a high-quality waterproof zipper appearance.

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