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Introduction of zipper Classification knowledge

A. By material Category: Nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper

1. Nylon Zipper: Invisible zipper, double bone zipper, woven zipper, anti-wear zipper, waterproof zipper, etc.

2. Resin Zipper: Gold (silver) teeth zipper, transparent zipper, translucent zipper, animal energy light-emitting zipper, lei zipper, diamond zipper

3. Metal Zipper: Aluminum teeth zipper, copper teeth zipper (brass, nickel, bronze, copper, etc.), black le zipper

Two. by breed

1. Close tail zipper 2. Open tail zipper (left and right) 3. Double Close tail zipper (x or O) 4. Double open Tail zipper (left and right)

Three. According to the specification classification and the Operation craft

$number, $number, $number, $number, $number, $number ... The size of the $number model is proportional to the size of the zipper tooth.

Four. The specific technical specifications of the zipper are described below.

1. $number Invisible Zipper

Combined width 4.15 + 0.03 single width 2.65 + 0.03 thickness 2.10.05mm

Plating Pull head: Mouth width 4.4mm High 1.9mm

Paint head: Mouth width 4.35mm High 1.85mm

Common belt suitable for thick fabric;

Common up: Advantages: High yield (adjustable speed); drawback: up to the root sometimes

U-Type up: Advantages: The top can be pulled to the root, applicable to pull the root of the garment; disadvantage: Low output, 4,000/8 hours.

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